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1211 Questions taken from Check out our other education quizzes: How good is your grammar?

More than 4,300 of you responded to our survey this year and one thing was clear: Liking someone — or having someone like you — can be soooooooo embarrassing. Enough to make kids blush, hide in the restroom at school, or even feel like throwing up. Here are some situations that make kids uncomfortable: About 80% of kids say they have a crush on someone.

While Elizabeth Truss, the Education Minister, said: "There is no reason why our children cannot match the best performers around the world in these vital subjects." The new maths tests will have two components, both at key stage 1 and 2.

The first will be an arithmetic paper testing fluency through calculation.

For example, if you put two girls (who are friends) together alone in a room, they might start talking and chatting.

If you put a guy and girl (who are friends) in a room, the guy'd probably want to play basketball with a paper ball or something." A girl and a guy just hanging out playing trashcan basketball?

Maths tests, sat by 600,000 pupils a year at the age of 11, have been significantly toughened up, according to the Department for Education, who today released sample questions to give schools the ability to prepare pupils for the exams.

The reforms to the SATS tests, which will come into force in May 2016, are designed to give all children a "solid grounding in maths" before secondary school.

At the end of the day, boys just want girls who are happy with who they are and who are interesting and caring.Among boys who took our survey, 85% say they have friends who are girls.And among girls, 90% say they have friends who are boys.Getting Him to Notice You Keeping Him Interested Making it Last Community Q&A It's not always easy to know what's going on in the mind of an eleven-year-old boy.It can be hard to see if he likes you because he may tease you or send you mixed signals.

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