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Ils vont alors tenter de garder leur distance et de se comporter comme si de rien n'était, afin de ne pas révéler aux autres élèves et enseignants qu'ils sont mariés...Peu de temps après, un nouvel élève, nommé Kim Jae Jung, est transféré dans leur classe...Hyun Jin accidentally sees it and she tries to prevent it but she gets injured and fainting. When knew about what’s happening with his wife Hyun Jin, Yoochun is very jealous but still he can’t tell Jaejoong that Hyun Jin is his wife and he gets angry to Hyun Jin who endangers herself and they are at loggerheads until the next days.Hyun Jin sends a massage to Yoochun to meet her in a garden since today is her birthday.

Leur vie est alors bouleversée lorsque Su Hyeon est transférée dans l'université où étudie son mari, elle enseigne dorénavant dans sa classe.In the next day, Yoochun meets Jaejoong privately on the school roof.Jaejoong says that he is ready to be hit because he endangered Hyun Jin.tony starktony stark defense squadmarvel adventures: super heroes vol.2 004stevetonygangiron man*screams for 10 years straight*WHERE IS YOUR ASSHOLE TONY STARK THEORY NOW?This time, I will tell about one of my favorite Korean Movie, but I feel like I’m watching Korean drama :0 All DBSK members are here Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho and Junsu. Yes the title is “Dating on Earth” which telling about one of the third grade high school student “Yoochun” who has just entered his school after he got suspension from the school because he was fighting with several hoodlums who tried to force him giving his money to them.

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He lost his brother who was die in the fire and he was taken to the orphanage and then he was a adopted by a gangster that pay his school fee.

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