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The burning question remains, what has led to this hypocrisy?

Stoning is indeed a failure in our spiritual education Fereshteh Saheli I was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month ago.Shirin was always the first who broke the eye contact. She could not hide the tinge of loneliness and solitude in her voice.She was aching to belong to a place where she could call home.It breaks my heart and I assure you that Zahra would prefer to be tasered like Mostafa Tabatabainejad 10 times more than being in this situation!Many of you may not know what the meaning of "being trapped" in Iran is. No matter what the reason, "siaasi" or "akhlaaghi" (political or moral), they have a way to make you feel you want to die. Mahsa Meshki I like to say, that in exercising her passion, Ansari has exercised godliness and perhaps attained it.

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