Internet dating the pitfalls

If you already have children, or want a family, or have substantial financial or property assets, always be careful before committing to any relationship, and consider a pre-nup.

Being dispassionate about this may be difficult, but you may have an awful lot to loose if you’re not. But it seems that online relationships speed up the settling down process, and with not necessarily positive results.We are seeing the end of many marriages and relationships begun in such circumstances, with all the heartache, expense, family and social issues that creates.Sometimes internet relationships are people’s second or third marriages and people need to think long and hard about the financial and family arrangements before getting involved. The perceived need to be with someone should not outweigh the practical considerations.

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Partner Marian Lynch warns about the pitfalls of the huge growth in online dating. And while there are plenty of examples of this proving a successful way to meet a new partner, the rise in internet dating has also brought with it some obvious issues, especially for the more established or professional individual.

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