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Adam Walewski Jzefa Lubomirska had 2 children: Tadeusz Walewski (1795-1855), in 1828 m.to Anna Karwicka / Ann Dunin- Karwicka (1797-1881), daughter of General Krzysztof Karwicki.

1722 in Cracow, died in 1771 in Vienna, married to Mikls, Graf Esterhzy von Galntha. in Boxford, MA, in 1657 and lived in Old Dunstable, married Elisabeth, daughter of Samuel Kinsley of Billerica, MA. in Warsaw in 1744 to Gf Miklos Esterhzy de Galntha (1711 - 1764); Husband of above Maria Kalinowska was Gregory / Grigory Troubetzkoy / Grigorij Petrovich Trubecki who - settled before 1832 in the Kingdom of Poland - was born in 1802 after death of his father, and died in 1879 or 11 January 1874 - His sister Anna nee Trubecki / Trubetsky / Anna Kozhoukhova born 23 December 1793 died 29 March 1827 (married to Alexandr Stepanovitch Kozhoukhov / Aleksander Kozuchow or Kozuchowski son of Stefan Kozuchow or Kozuchowski)].Joanna Paszkowska [born ca 1735] was the last daughter of named above Jan Paszkowski [Jerzy Paszkowski, ca 1660-1709, was buried in Pruzany in 1709; left 5 sons, including JAN] and she married Marcin Bakowski. 1800, was son of Bartłomiej Komorowski; he was father of Jan Bonifacy Komorowski, PIOTR I, and Stanisław Andrzej Komorowski; was brother of Countess Marcjancella Piłsudzka [Pilsudski family]! The 2nd son of Lucya Glogowska Stanislaw Grzymala at Jablonowo Jablonowski was Stanislaw Jozef Grzymala at Jablonowo Jablonowski owner of Rawa Ruska, m.Jan sold Kustowicze [in ca 1755] to hands of named JOANNA and her husband Marcin Bakowski / Marcin Bąkowski [he died maybe ca 1800]. Franciszek Komorowski Count, 1723- died in 1800 in Szirwyty or Szenta, come from Teresa Oziemblowski and Bartłomiej Komorowski b. Jozefa Bakawska daughter of Jan Wincenty Count Bakowski and Kunegunda KOMOROWSKA Css [above Jozefa Bakawska had sister Henryka Roman KARNICKI; and she had brother Ferdynand Bakowski m.Ambrozy's son: LUDWIK TADEUSZ KOSCIUSZKO, 1700 - 1758 Tekla Ratomska, with children: Tadeusz Kosciuszko b.1746, Jzef Kosciuszko, Anna Kosciuszko and Katarzyna Kosciuszko.

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