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According to the Domestic Violence Unit in the county Prosecuting Attorney's Office, "Domestic violence is a serious problem in our community." Statistics provided by the "Hawai?i Says NO MORE" campaign are shocking: one in seven women in Hawaii have experienced forcible rape in their lifetime, 575 domestic violence survivors in Hawaii seek support from local programs every day in our state, and 50,000 women between the ages of 18 and 64 are victims of domestic violence each year in Hawaii.

Some walking tour maps suggest that you include 28 historic stops on your stroll — and start early in the day, so you don’t swoon from the heat as you contemplate Herman Melville’s cousin’s grave and a tennis court that was once the site of a sacred pond.You’ll have no problem finding shade: The tree, which has 12 major trunks, is more than 60 feet tall. Details: Open 24/7 at Lahaina Banyan Court Park, 671 Front St., Lahaina The banyan is actually planted on the grounds of the historic Fort at Lahaina, which was built in 1832 to protect the town from cannon fire.In the first half of the 19th century, whaling ships anchored off Lahaina’s shores by the hundreds, their sailors eager to re-provision and enjoy a little shore leave.The carousing was cut short in 1825, when Hawaii’s royal family enacted a — a religious ban — that prohibited prostitution and alcohol sales.Years of protests, rioting and death threats ensued, much of it aimed at missionaries, who sailors blamed for encouraging the royal decree.

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