Thermolam dating technique

The maker could use her fancy to fill in the basket contents as is eviden Description: A popular pattern for many years, this quilter beautifully pieces giant-size Double Rings using fabrics that cover a number of years - period as well as many older fabrics (shirting material and conversation prints) dating to the 1920s. Beautifully quilted with cross hatch; wreath design in the white units.- On the back: sewn-on piece cross stitched in pink using a fancy thread with the initials and date: J. Clever solution to filling the corners using the Dutch Doll appliques.Bear is on cream fleece and backed with red fleece with cream polka dots.Description: This beautiful, hand-appliqued and hand-quilted quilt started as a shoe-box quilt - one I took along in the car or to the waiting room.

Description: I made the background to this quilt top at a retreat.It has been to several States and went along with me to Europe. The hearts were carefully traced and cut out from freezer paper, then hand-basted.After that step, each heart was carefully and delicately appliqued to the yellow cotton blocks.The hearts are made of 1930s fabrics which measure 36-inches wide.The delicate blue sashing and green cornerstones help make the quilt unique and colorful.

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